Quality of Life

The Metroplex offers residents an unparalleled lifestyle at a reasonable cost. The region continually ranks high as an affordable metro area, especially when compared to other headquarter cities. The availability of reasonably priced homes is a major incentive for businesses and residents to relocate, in addition to world-class amenities.

North Texas’ temperate climate provides ample opportunity for sports nthusiasts to enjoy the outdoors. The region boasts 150 public and private golf courses, as well as several reservoirs. Dallas-Fort Worth is one of the few metro areas in the nation to host teams in all four major sports leagues.

Dallas-Fort Worth is not only recognized for its sports teams’ accomplishments, but also for hosting worldrecognized cultural institutions. The region boasts over 150 museums and art galleries. Fort Worth is home to the internationally renowned Kimball Museum and Museum of Modern Art.

Metroplex residents are in close proximity to major health centers. Two area hospitals are nationally recognized: Parkland Memorial Hospital and Baylor University Medical Center. Four schools dedicated to< medicine support Dallas-Fort Worth’s excellent health care providers.

The region’s economic evolution is supported by a strong post-secondary education system. Dallas-Fort Worth has 14 four-year colleges and 15 two-year institutions, including three community colleges.