Dallas-Fort Worth is host to one of the nation’s largest employment markets. At 2.7 million, its labor force was the sixth largest in the nation last year, up from seventh in 1992. The region is forecast to add over 536,000 jobs by 2010. Employment growth can be attributed to the Metroplex’s business community evolution and north-to-south migration.

Employment gains have occurred in higher-paying diversified fields, including high-technology, telecommunications and professional services. During the 1990s economic boom, Dallas-Fort Worth’s telecommunications industry posted impressive job growth of 67 percent. Since the sector’s peak of 125,000 jobs in 2000, approximately 30,000 positions were eliminated, but it is expected to add over 11,000 workers by 2006. Professional services posted an equally impressive gain of 78 percent during the 1990s. The sector is anticipated to increase employment by 16.5 percent by 2006.

The transportation and trade sector is an important economic driver in the Metroplex, employing over 596,000. The industry has shed approximately 48,000 positions during the past few years, due to the national recession and terrorism anxiety. The sector is forecast to grow by 9 percent by 2006, erasing the previous few years’ job losses.

Continuation of the north-to-south migration has benefited the Metroplex. Affordable housing and the variety of employment options attract workers, while employers are taking advantage of the area’s low business costs, educated work force and large labor pool.