The Dallas-Fort Worth economy continues to evolve. In the past, energy and agriculture were the region’s anchor industries, but the migration of companies from the Rust Belt to the Sun Belt during the past 30 years led to extraordinary growth in the Metroplex. Currently, the region is home to 17 Fortune 500 companies in diverse economic sectors, including retail, health care services and telecommunications. Many national and international corporations maintain regional and subsidiary headquarters in the region as well.

The rise of telecommunications and high-tech companies in the 1990s led to unprecedented economic growth. These firms hired thousands of employees, fueling demand for ancillary services in hospitality, food service and construction. The subsequent economic slowdown has had a negative impact on the region but not as severe as in other technology-heavy metro areas.

Dallas-Fort Worth’s central location in the burgeoning Southwest allows the metro area to be the pre-eminent distribution hub for the region. The trade and transportation industries support over one-fifth of the employment base and infuse billions of dollars into the local economy. A tepid national economy and terrorism anxieties have caused some companies to scale back operations during the past few years, but the outlook remains bright for this sector. A surging population has construction crews busy. New residential developments and infrastructure improvements will continue to support the construction sector.